Campos de Risca


"The Campos de Risca vineyard is comprised of approximately 200 hectares of ""Risca"", in different plots. The vines are planted at a low density, to allow a broad root system to develop, capturing all the available humidity in the soil. Above ground, the lack of humidity creates an atmosphere of less disease. Although most vineyards are not registered, viticulture in the region is practically organic by default. Its main grape varietal, Monastrell is resistant to drought; and is comprised of straggly bunches of small berries. The berries have thick skins and high acidity, so they need a lot of sun to ripen properly. In recent times, small amounts of Syrah have also been planted. Campos de Risca is the essence of a Monastrell wine, but occasionally a blend may need a touch of Syrah or sometimes even Cabernet to give it a better balance on the palate for the international wine drinker."

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