Campos de Viento


Campos de Viento is made in the town of Mota del Cuervo, in the province of Cuenca, around 150km south-east of Madrid, with the vineyards slightly to the north of the town. The winery was built in 2009 and contains the latest technology for fermentation, as well as a sizeable barrel room and a good capacity for storing and blending wines. The Campos de Viento vineyards cover around 100 H, in three large estates. The climate is generally dry and there are few problems with disease - the main threat for viticulture in this region are frosts in the spring, given the altitude. The old vines are all grown as bush vines. These vines, give small bunches with small individual berries, and are therefore quite concentrated with fruit. It is this fruit which makes the basis for Campos de Viento.

Campos de Viento products