Fattoria Paradiso

Emilia Romagna, Italy

Fattoria Paradiso, in Emilia Romagna, is led by one of Italy’s most important people in enology, Mr. Mario Pezzi. Mr. Pezzi is an outstanding wine producer who deserves the highest praises for his merits. First, he rediscovered the local grapes Barbarossa, Cagnina and Pagadebit, which were surely destined to disappear. He is also responsible for creating the very first Reserve of Sangiovese.

The winery is located in Bertinoro, homeland of the Albana grape, the first Italian white wine to be designated as DOCG, few kilometers far from Cesena and about 20 km from the Adratic Sea. Fattoria Paradiso has a 40-ha extension and its soil is rich in chalk and tufa, making it particularly apt to the growing of certain wine types. It is located at medium altitudes, on the first level of the Appennino Tosco-Romagnolo mountainous area overlooking the Adriatic sea.

The microclimate of the area and the personal liking of the Pezzi family are exceptionally congenial to the growing of vines such as the Sangiovese, the Barbarossa, flagship of the firm, the Pagadebit and the Cagnina; once extinct vines, they were brought back to the regional legacy in the 1960s, receiving the D.O.C. designation shortly afterwards. Among the 40 ha, 15 ha are 50 year-old vineyards of inestimable value, framing the new plants, with a plant density of 6500 vines per hectare. About 207, 500 grape vines are grown in Fattoria Paradiso, each requiring at least five different procedures every year: pruning, tying, summer pruning, thinning and harvest, for a total of 1.037.500 necessary manual interventions.

According to some historical documents, Fattoria Paradiso, a stunning manor once known by the name of “Ugarte Lovatelli Castle”, dates back to the 15th century. The country house and the surrounding grounds, once belonged to the last heir of the Ugarte Lovatelli Aristocratic family, the Duchess Gabriella Ugarte Lovatelli, have been bought by the Pezzi family at the end of 19th century. Today, Graziella Pezzi enthusiastically manages the estate with her son Jacopo Lupo.


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Fattoria Paradiso Il Dosso Barbarossa

Fattoria Paradiso Il Dosso Barbarossa