Fattoria del Teso

Toscana, Italy

In a typically Tuscan countryside, surrounded by pines and cypresses, the Fattoria del Teso covers an area of about 70 hectares.
The main building is highly original in design with its layered, overhanging roofings and a clock with belltower marking out the rhythms of the day. The storage cellars are in the underground floor; the offices, storerooms, cooling and bottling rooms are on the ground floor; the reed mats for air drying grapes are on the first floor and the casks for ageing Vin Santo are on the second floor and attics. In front of this building is another one used for fermentation, the tanks are glazed cement and stainless steel.
In the territory of the Fattoria are located charming farmhouses, many centuries old, which give their names to the estates: Albereto, Vannelli, Starzeno, Le Viottole, Le Fontane.


Wine Portfolio

Anfidiamante Toscana IGT

Fattoria del Teso Anfidiamante Toscana IGT

Montecarlo Bianco DOC

Fattoria del Teso Montecarlo Bianco DOC

Montecarlo Rosso DOC

Fattoria del Teso Montecarlo Rosso DOC

Montecarlo Vin Santo DOC

Fattoria del Teso Montecarlo Vin Santo DOC