Alto Adige, Italy

This historic estate has been in the possession of the Egger-Spögler family since 1893, but has a viticultural tradition that goes back centuries. Custodians of this land, the Spögler family has looked over the indigenous varietals on the estate for generations. While many vines are older, the average age of the vineyards is 70 years.

A library of native varietals, the majority of this 12 acre property is dedicated to Lagrein. Located in a valley between the mountains, the Lagrein flourishes in the warm, porphyric soils of the Larcherhof vineyards. In addition, several rare clones of Schiava call the estate home, including Klein, Mitter, Edel, Tschaggele and Grauvernatsch. Located in the classico St. Magdalener zone, Larcherhof crafts a distinct St. Magdalener wine, a category consider the “queen of Schiava.”

For years, Larcherhof sold its grapes to the local consorzio. It was only in 2008 that the Spögler family decided to being making their own estate production. The almost Mediterranean climate of the area is an ideal precondition for the cultivation of high quality red wines. Through ecological cultivation of the vines and yield reduction, grapes reach their optimal quality levels. Central to Larcherhof’s sustainable practice is the manual care and harvest of the grapes, as well as the extreme limitation of chemical treatments in the vineyard.

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