Le Salette

Veneto, Italy

In 1860 and the local farmers decided to build the sanctuary of Le Salette as a votive offering to the Madonna when she freed their vineyards from the scourge of phylloxera. The sanctuary is a church which overlooks the village that it protects. It appears to be hanging on the rocks, and is surrounded by hills and vineyards. One of the vineyards extends to just below the sacred building and has always been the property of the Scamperle family, a historical winemaking family of Valpolicella whose property takes the same name as the sanctuary.

Indeed, for generations the Scamperle family has dedicated itself to growing grapes, and, over the years, to gradually increasing the number of vineyards. Today, the family owns 49 cultivated acres, situated throughout the most renowned places of the Valpolicella Classico DOC area: Fumane Cà Carnocchio, I Progni e Cà Melchiori, Sant’Ambrogio Conca D’Oro and in San Floriano Monte Masua. The type of grapes produced are the most classical types of the zone: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta, a small quantity of Molinara, and Croatina.

The vineyards are grown slowly and carefully, always respecting the local technique which is sensitive to nature, following nature’s rhythm to bring out the unique character of each variety.


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