Nuraghe Crabioni

Sardegna, Italy

This 85 acre property is located in Sorso, Sardegna. Nuraghe Crabioni takes its name from a nuraghe on the estate, located in an area referred to as “Lu Crabioni”. A nuraghe is a conal tower that was widely constructed throughout ancient Sardegna and is considered a unique symbol of the island. Nuraghe Crabioni considers its nuraghe an inspirational landmark that goes hand-in-hand with the winery’s mission to produce high quality wines that express their distinctly Sardinian character.

Founded in 2003, Nuraghe Crabioni seeks to take the extensive viticultural knowledge of Sardegna and combine it with the best of modern winemaking techniques in order to craft quality estate wines. Currently, the winery has stainless steel tanks with a production capacity of 1,100 hl. A state-of-the-art cooling system allows the winemaking team to carefully control temperatures throughout the vini cation process, and an on-site bottling line ensures that the wines are bottled quickly to preserve their rich aromas.

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