Alto Adige, Italy

The Strasserhof winery is located in the mountains of the Valle Isarco. This region is known for wines with elegant sophistication, noteworthy minerality and rich aromas. One of the most historic properties in South Tyrol, the Strasserhof winery is approximately 1,000 years old and is owned by the Baumgartner family. The vineyards are in the northernmost part of the South Tyrol with 11 acres of vines.

The Strasserhof Winery has been producing wines since 2003. At an elevation of 2,625 feet above sea level, the Strasserhof winery produces wines that are known for their exceptional freshness and acidity. Under the supervision of winemaker Hannes Baumgartner, Strasserhof produces limited quantities of Kerner, Sylvaner and Gewürztraminer.

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