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Primitivo Salento IGT

Primitivo is a red varietal grown principally in Puglia. Once highly prized for blending, in the 1990s it was subject to an EU vine reduction program to combat overproduction. The total Primitivo vineyard area fell from 42,000 acres in 1990 to just under 19,800 acres in 2000, despite the fact that it has become much better known to consumers. The emergence of the Salento IGT appellation expanded Primitivo’s notoriety as a value wine, taking the varietal beyond the much smaller Manduria DOC.

Owner: Cantele Family
Website: www.cantele.it
Winemaker: Gianni Cantele
Type: Red wine
Varietals: 100% Primitivo

Vineyard Location: San Pietro Vernotico
Orientation: East-West
Elevation: 200 ft
Vines Planted: 1972-1982
Trellising: Alberello
Vines/Acre: 1,820
Yield/Acre: 36 ql
Soil: Calcareous, siliceous clay

The grapes are harvested during the first week of September. After they are crushed and de-stemmed, the must macerates on the skins for 6-7 days at 75-78°F. During this stage, the partial raising that is characteristic of mature Primitivo grapes contributes to the formation of this wine’s notable bouquet.

Aging Process
In barriques for six months

Tasting Notes
Color: Violet reflections in a deep red
Bouquet: Intense nose and spicy aromas with notes of sour cherry and prune
Flavor: Full-bodied with a velvety warmth and gentle tannins
Pairings: Ideal with game, roasted or braised meat and hard, aged cheeses

Alcohol Content: 13%
Serving Temperature: 64°F
Production: 250,000 bottles