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Arneis Langhe DOC

Arneis is one of the most common white varieties in Piedmont, found especially in the Langhe and Roero areas, on both sides of the River Tanaro.  This grape was previously blended with Nebbiolo to produce wines with a less aggressive character; hence, it is sometimes called ”White Barolo”.

It was also once common practice to plant a few Arneis vines amongst the more valuable Nebbiolo vines to ward off damage caused by birds and bees.  Attracted by the sweet aroma of the Arneis, they would leave the Nebbiolo grapes alone. In recent years, however, this precious and mysterious grape variety has regained popularity and become highly successful, producing white wines with excellent aromas.  It was granted DOC status in 1994.

Owner: Damilano Family
Website: www.cantinedamilano.it
Winemaker: Guido Damilano, Giuseppe Caviola consultant
Type: White wine
Varietals: 100% Arneis

Vineyard Location: Vezza d’Alba
Orientation: South-east
Elevation: 900 ft
Vines Planted: 1991-1996
Trellising: Guyot
Vines/Acre: 1,618
Yield/Acre: 32-36 ql.
Soil: Sandy, calcareous clay

Fermentation in stainless steel tanks using natural yeasts at a controlled temperature

Aging Process
4 months in stainless steel tanks, 1 month in the bottle before the release

Tasting Notes
Color: Pale straw yellow
Bouquet: Delicate with fresh fruit
Flavor: Dry, fresh wine with elegant flavors and moderate acidity
Pairings: Suitable for appetizers, fish courses and white meats

Alcohol Content: 13%
Serving Temperature: 54°F
Production: 30,000 bottles