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Distilleria Bertagnolli
Gran Grappino® Bianco

Founded in 1870, the Distilleria Bertagnolli has carried on the tradition of high-quality spirits for four generations.  Once the supplier to imperial courts, Bertagnolli continues to hone its techniques in order to craft smooth, aromatic grappas.  

The distillery is located in the Piana Rotaliana at the foot of the Italian Dolomites.  This landscape, once described by Dante as the “most beautiful vineyard in Europe”, is one of the few locations in Italy where the native Teroldego varietal is cultivated.  The grapes of this region are renowned for their rich aromatics, and Bertagnolli uses the pomace from these grapes to craft a grappa with nuanced aromas.

Owner: Beppe and Livia Bertagnolli
Website: www.grappabertagnolli.com
Type: Spirits

The stalk-less pomace is a blend of 80% Teroldego and 20% Chardonnay. The pomaces reach the distillery already fermented and, therefore, are immediately distilled. The distillery utilizes six steam-fired stills to implement the continuous “waterbath” method which allows Bertagnolli to distill just once while still achieving a smooth and velvety grappa.

Tasting Notes
Bouquet: Fine, harmonious and pleasantly intense
Flavor: Strong, balanced and full-bodied with a slight fruit tinge

Alcohol Content: 42%
Serving Temperature: Serve chilled at 54-57°F