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Distilleria Bertagnolli
Limoncel Liqueur

Founded in 1870, the Distilleria Bertagnolli has carried on the tradition of high-quality spirits for four generations.  Once the supplier to imperial courts, Bertagnolli continues to hone its techniques and selects the finest ingredients to make fine spirits.  

Bertagnolli’s Limoncel is made from a base of Sorrento lemons, some of the finest lemons on the peninsula.  This specific type of lemon is especially rich in essential oils, which make it particularly aromatic, and, therefore, ideal for distilling.

Owner: Beppe and Livia Bertagnolli
Website: www.grappabertagnolli.com
Type: Spirits

When the lemon juice, thick lemon peel and the lemon extract, collected in occluded boxes, come to the distillery, they are blended with alcohol buongusto, some sugar and aromatic extracts to obtain the right balance.

Tasting Notes
Color: Cloudy, sunburst yellow that is the result of the “pasta limone” used as a natural aroma
Bouquet: Intense, fresh and fruit-forward
Flavor: Soft, velvety and intense like the fresh lemons
Pairings: On ice cream, sorbet or for a lemon martini

Alcohol Content: 28%
Serving Temperature: 50-53°F; can be served neat or on the rocks