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Árvero Limoncello
Árvero Limoncello Liqueur

In the Neapolitan dialect Árvero means tree. Árvero limoncello is a tribute to the uniqueness of these magnificent lemon trees that give this liqueur its distinct character. The so-called ­‘femminiello ovale sorrentino’ is the giant lemon of the Sorrento Peninsula. The bulky and juicy skin of this fruit is the source of the aromatic oils that confer the alcoholic infusion with its unique color and inimitable aroma. As a demonstration of its authenticity, the bottled Limoncello often shows the presence of the oils at the bottle neck. Árvero distinguishes itself from other limoncellos by using traditional recipes and pursuing a ­tireless sourcing regime to ensure that only the finest ingredients go into the liqueur.

Owner: Árvero srl
Website: www.limoncelloarvero.com/
Type: Spirits

Prepared by following the ancient methods and by using the zest of selected lemons that have outstanding and unique ­organoleptic ­properties. This limoncello is made from a hydro-alcoholic infusion of fresh lemon zest and sugar. All ingredients are natural with no added chemicals.

Tasting Notes
Color: Lemon yellow
Bouquet: Fresh nose of Sorrento lemon
Flavor: Pleasant sweetness with vibrant lemon notes

Alcohol Content: 32%
Serving Temperature: Best served chilled on its own, used as a cocktail ingredient or used as an ingredient in ­desserts
Production: Up to 150,000 bottles