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Giancarlo Ceci
Panascio Bombino Bianco Castel del Monte DOC
The Bombino bianco is one of the most ancient and cultivated grapes of Southern Italy, especially Puglia. While closely related to Bombino nero, this grape is not a color mutation, but a different variety. One of its synonyms is “Pagadebit”, because of its high yielding potential, that would assure farmers to pay off their debts on each vintage. Panascio is the name given by the Ceci family to the parcel of land where the vineyard lies.

Owner: Giancarlo Ceci
Website: www.agrinatura.net
Winemaker: Lorenzo Landi
Type: White wine
Varietals: 100% Bombino Bianco

Vineyard Location: Andria (BT)
Orientation: North- South
Elevation: 220 m a.s.l.
Vines Planted: 2000- 2003
Trellising: Counter- espalier
Vines/Acre: 4,000/Ha
Soil: Calcareous

Fermentation takes place in stainless - steel tanks at the controlled temperature of 12 - 15 °C with frequent battonage.

Aging Process
The wine is left to refine sur lie in stainless - steel tanks for 4- 6 months and 2 months in the bottle

Tasting Notes
Color: The color is straw yellow with golden reflections
Bouquet: The nose is delicate, fruity with hints of green apple and white peach, and flowery with notes of jasmine and wild flowers
Flavor: The sip is fresh with a long pleasant mineral finish, typical of Bombino Bianco from the Alta Murgia territory
Pairings: Ideal as an aperitif, or with light courses such as shellfish, grilled or fried fish, soups

Alcohol Content: 12.5 %
Serving Temperature: 52 °F
Production: 33,000 bts