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Distilleria Sibona
This amaro is made from a proprietary recipe developed over years of experimentation. The ingredients list includes 34 herbs and aromatic plants.

Owner: Sibona
Winemaker: Sibona
Type: Spirits
Varietals: Rhubarb, Chinaroot, Calissaya, Gentian, Sage Sclarea, Mint, Green Anise, Achillea Moscata

Sugar is dissolved in osmotic water, followed by the addition of ethylic alcohol, all the herbs and roots ( previously infused in alcohol) and caramel (burnt sugar). The solution is mixed for four hours in order to amalgamate all the components. The liqueur so obtained is filtered and then refined for at least 90 days in steel vats. Then organoleptic controls, laboratory analysis and tasting are done. A second filtration and a further final tasting takes place at the end and before the bottling.

Tasting Notes
Color: Deep brown
Bouquet: Round, intense, with spice and herbal notes
Flavor: Unique and full with great harmony and aromatic notes
Pairings: Ideal with ice cream, cakes, desserts, and chocolate

Alcohol Content: 28%
Serving Temperature: -