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Distilleria Sibona
Grappa Riserva
The innovation of refining grappa in whiskey barrels has proven to have exceptional results. Grappa’s intense bouquet with malted notes and refined, complex flavors with a persistent aftertaste are reminiscent of a fine whiskey.

Owner: Sibona
Winemaker: Sibona
Type: Spirits
Varietals: Piedmontese blend of grapes, primarily Dolcetto

Freshly fermented pomace passes through a special piece of equipment, called “Disalcolatore”. Inside the “disalcolatore” the pomace goes upstream to the steam. The steam flow extracts the perfumes and aromas, and also the alcohol contained in the pomace. The liquid obtained after this process, called flemma, is approximately 20% alcohol. The flemma is then moved to the first distillation column in steel, which has 22 distillation plates. It is then distilled once again, in a copper column with 14 plates. Two colum distillation eliminates volatile substances, so that only the “heart” of the distillation is retained, creating grappa with approximately 76% alcohol.

Aging Process
The grappa remains in steel vats for a few months and is then aged in 4,000-6,000 L oak casks for at least 12 months. It is then aged for an additional 36 months in 200 L American wood casks that previously contained Tennessee Whiskey. After aging, the grappa is diluted to 44% alchol with osmotic water. Sugar is added to make it rounder and softer and the caramel produces the color, that is added ensures that the color will be the same for every production.

Tasting Notes
Color: Amber with gold reflections
Bouquet: Intense with malt and vanilla notes
Flavor: Refined and complex with spice and oak aromas, persistent aftertaste
Pairings: Ideal with dark chocolate, desserts, ice cream, or cigars

Alcohol Content: 44%
Serving Temperature: Best served from 62-64°F