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Distilleria Sibona
Uvedilanga Grappa Brandy
This grappa is a pure distillate from Langhe grapes. It is vinified and distilled with the skins. The result is a unique combination of aromas from this heralded winemaking zone.

Owner: Sibona
Winemaker: Sibona
Type: Spirits
Varietals: Moscato and other aromatic varieties

Production After a slow fermentation on their skins, the pomace of these carefully selected blend of aromatic grapes from the Langa are immediately distilled in stills in a bain maria. The fermented pomaces are poured into a copper alembic and distilled with a steam stream at 209°F. During the distillation, the “head” and “tail” are discarded, leaving the “heart” of the product, which is 58-60% alcohol. At the end of the process, samples are analyzed in a state laboratory in order to certify correspondence to current legislations and norms. The grappa is then moved to steel vats where it is aged for at least 8 months. The grappa is then diluted to 40% alcohol by adding osmotic water. The final product is analyzed and tasted and then refrigerated at -4°F and filtered.

Tasting Notes
Color: Crystal clear
Bouquet: Intense with great finesse and rich floral notes typical of this grape blend
Flavor: Soft with a delicate, round body characterized by rich fruit aromas, clean and enjoyable aftertaste
Pairings: Ideal with chocolate, desserts, and ice cream

Alcohol Content: 40%
Serving Temperature: Best served 48-55°F