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Feudo di Santa Tresa
Il Grillo di Santa Tresa VS Brut
This wine is made with 100% Grillo, one of the most traditional white grape varietis of the region. Evidence of its presence in Sicily dates back to the end of the 19th Century. The grape may be Puglian in origin, and became very popular in the aftermath of phylloxera devastation. In the South it found its ideal habitat, being very heat and drought resistant. In recent times, few producers from Sicily started to introduce “rare” and “unique” sparkling versions of Grillo, thanks also also to its natural high acidity.

Owner: Massimo Maggio, Stefano and Marina Girelli
Website: www.santatresa.it
Winemaker: Stefano Chioccioli
Type: Sparkling
Varietals: 100% Grillo

Vineyard Location: Vittoria, Ragusa
Elevation: 150 m a.s.l.
Vines Planted: 2001
Trellising: Espalier
Vines/Acre: 5,000- 5,500/Ha
Soil: Red sandy loam on a well-drained limestone

Fermentation in stainless steel tanks/ 8- 10 days at max 18° C. Second fermentation in small stainless steel tanks/14 days at max 14° C

Aging Process
2 months sur lie, plus 1 month in the bottle before the release

Tasting Notes
Color: Pale straw yellow color with hints of gold
Bouquet: This sparkling Grillo has fine, gentle bubbles and a fresh fruity nose with hints of citrus and floral notes
Flavor: On the palate it is very well balanced, gentle and soft with a refreshing burst of acidity and a gorgeous fruitiness
Pairings: Perfect as aperitif, with shellfish and light pasta dishes. Excellent with the traditional seafood cuisine from Sicily, like red tuna tartare

Alcohol Content: 12.5%
Serving Temperature: 46 °F
Production: 80,000 bts