Where Our Roots Began

Our goal, then and now, has always been to provide an educational and enjoyable wine experience.

Vias Imports Ltd. is an importer, distributor, and above all, a company dedicated to expressing the history, sense of place, and devotion to craft of all our producers through the art of wine. Vias strives to provide our clients with access to the most comprehensive wine portfolio possible, by offering fine wines that embody the distinct terroir and character of each wine region we represent. What sets us apart from others is our commitment to providing a vast array of indigenous varietals found in their respective growing regions.

It All Started Out of Friendship

The story of Vias began in 1983; born out of the great friendship between Fabrizio Pedrolli, Pino Sola, and Louis Iacucci, a pioneer in bringing the diverse range of regional Italian wines to the United States. In the early days of Vias, the first few containers of wine were brought in to support a network of specialized clients in New York City, including Iaccuci’s legendary wine shop, Gold Star. Within only a few years, Vias established important relationships with distributors along the East Coast and greatly expanded the importation business. A complete national sales force was complete by the late 1990s, providing the high quality range of Italian wines Vias is known for, across the United States. 

Today, Fabrizio Pedrolli is Vias Imports’ head chairman.  With extensive experience in the wine industry as the founder of the Trentino-Alto Adige chapter of the AIS (Associazione Italian Sommeliers), and the first Italian secretary general of the ASI (Association International de la Sommelerie), Pedrolli is an exceptional Vias ambassador in Italy, maintaining and developing relationships with outstanding wine producers throughout the country. Pedrolli’s depth of knowledge and fine-tuned palate have allowed him to curate a prestigious portfolio of wines that showcase the highest quality standards from each region, from Alto Adige to Sicily.

Wine is our passion

As the backbone of the company, the Vias sales force is a nationwide team of passionate vinophiles. Through a variety of resources, they seek to share detailed information about the wines they represent through a deep understanding of the places and people behind these exceptional producers. From the beginning, Vias has fostered a culture of education in order to ensure that every employee has a thorough understanding of the estates and regions they represent. This commitment to wine education has become a pillar of Vias’ company philosophy and a thread that runs through every element of our work. Our portfolio is a labor of love. It contains a careful selection of Italian producers that reflects the vast diversity of Italy’s regions and the native varietals that call them home. With over 200 wines featuring indigenous Italian varietals in our portfolio, we explore the diversity this peninsula has to offer at the highest quality level by going beyond the standard Italian offerings of an American importer; and crafting relationships with producers of different sizes who actively preserve their local winemaking traditions.


A diverse wine portfolio

In New York in New Jersey, where we also act as an independent wine distributor, we are pleased to offer all of our imported Italian portfolio, as well as a meticulously selected offering of wines from around the world. We apply the same rigorous quality standards to selecting our wines from Argentina, Austria, Chile, France, Lebanon, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, and the United States.

We are both an importer and wholesaler distributor for some of your new favorite wines and spirits.

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