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Fattoria del Teso
Montecarlo Vin Santo DOC

The wines of Fattoria del Teso truly represent the unique terroir of Montecarlo and are characterized by great elegance and sophistication. These characteristics, which come from the vicinity of the sea and the mild climate, distinguish the wines of Montecarlo from all other Tuscan wines. The Vin Santo deserves a special mention: this traditional Tuscan product is aged for over 5 years in old kegs in the winery attics.

Owner: Cristina Chiomenti
Website: http://www.fattoriadelteso.it/
Winemaker: Francesco Bartoletti
Type: Dessert
Varietals: Trebbiano and other grapes allowed by the DOC appelation

Vineyard Location: Montecarlo Vin Santo DOC
Orientation: South east
Elevation: 100 m a.s.l.
Vines Planted: 15 years
Trellising: Guyot and spurred cordon
Vines/Acre: 5,600/Ha
Soil: Medium clay with shells

Fermentation in oak and chestnut kegs for 3 years at 18-22 °C, followed by malolactic fermentation

Aging Process
5 -8 years in oak and chestnut kegs of 100- 200 - 225 L. Six months in the bottle before the release

Tasting Notes
Color: Bright amber color
Bouquet: The bouquet on the nose is very intense and complex with intriguing notes of dried fruits, apricot, date, chestnut honey and barley candy
Flavor: The sip is extremely smooth and rich, with a long and warm finish
Pairings: Ideal with the traditional Tuscan almond cookies (“Cantucci”), fine biscuits, aged and blue cheeses, or alone as a great meditation wine

Alcohol Content: 13%
Serving Temperature: 61-64°F
Production: 3,000 bottles