Lamezia Bianco DOC

Lamezia Bianco DOC

White wineGreco 50% , Mantonico 50%
  • Tasting Notes
  • Color Intense straw yellow color.
  • NoseFlowery and fruity on the nose with notes of acacia, howthorn, winter melon and plum. 
  • Flavor On the palate it is fresh, clean and balanced, confirming the aromas perceived on the nose, with a pleasant mineral undertone.

Calabria At a Glance

Region Name Calabria

Calabria is a non-industrial rural mountainous region. Its economy is dependent on cereals, citrus, and particularly olives, with a per-capita income less than half the national average. Called Enotria by the Greeks in pre-Roma times for its illustrious vinous past, today viticulture and winemaking are far from the vital industries they once were and account for a tiny proportion of land use.